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Thursday, 11th February 2021
BondIT and Scorable close merger deal

Tel Aviv/Berlin, 11 February 2021 -- BondIT, an independent portfolio construction technology provider for fixed income, and Scorable, a provider of AI-driven credit analysis, have announced the closure of their merger deal. Through the deal, the newly merged company will operate under the name BondIT Global with a 50-strong team based across offices in Tel Aviv, Berlin, New York and Brisbane, Australia.

BondIT Global combines portfolio construction technology and AI-driven credit analysis to offer a fully integrated portfolio management and research as a service solution. The technology enables fixed income asset managers and financial advisors to automate and optimize the investment process, allowing users to build and analyze portfolios within minutes rather than hours or days.

The merger will enhance BondIT Global’s geographic reach and customer base, putting the combined company in an optimal position to target the $80 trillion global asset management market. The total investment in BondIT Global amounts to more than $40 million.